Morning Presentations at Faisalabad Canal Campus News Story

November 31, 2011: Morning Presentations are an integral part of the school routine. They have their own significance and role in school life. Our students absolutely loved the performances and the messages that were delivered through different morning presentations in the month of November.

Students of Pre-Nursery Rose presented information on ‘Teapots’.  They talked about its invention and different types.  The young presenters of Pre-Nursery Tulip portrayed ‘My Family’. 

Students of Nursery Amber prepared a large picture of animals in the ocean to put on display for the morning presentation and introduced a variety of invertebrates and vertebrates found beneath the sea waves. 

As November is month of birth of our national poet, KG Tulip students presented a tribute to Allama Iqbal by performing on one of his famous poems, Bulbul aur Jugnoo, written especially for children.

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