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BNU Represents Pakistan at Spic Macay
POSTED: July 23, 2014              BY: Zaeem Yaqoob | Director Student Affairs and External Relations | BNU
Lahore: Students of Beaconhouse National University recently visited Chennai, India from June 8 to 14 to participate in an arts-and-culture workshop organised under the umbrella of Spic Macay.
Dr Ruhi Khalid Presents Research Paper in UK
POSTED: July 17, 2014              BY: Zaeem Yaqoob Khan | Director, Student Affairs and External Relations | BNU
Lahore: Beaconhouse National University Institute of Psychology Director Dr Ruhi Khalid...
Beaconhouse 10th Anniversary Celebration
POSTED: July 08, 2014              BY: Liza Netto | Corporate Communications Manager | Beaconhouse Malaysia
The much-awaited 10th anniversary celebration of Beaconhouse Malaysia, finally unfolded on July 4.
Forming words
POSTED: June 30, 2014              BY: Lily Pok | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Subang Jaya
Subang Jaya: Students were taught letter sounds, blending them, and reading and associating them with objects.
Mother’s Week at Sarah’s Klang
POSTED: June 27, 2014              BY: Lily Pok | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Subang Jaya
Subang Jaya: Mother’s Week was celebrated at the campus in May.
IB Training Begins
POSTED: June 19, 2014              BY: Zubia Akbar| Staff Correspondent TBT | Margalla Campus Boys Branch
Islamabad: The first-ever IB team of the northern region had its first day of training at the Margalla campus on June 16.
Summer Clubs Are a Success
POSTED: June 17, 2014              BY: Ridaa Zainab | Staff Correspondent TBT | Sargodha Girls
Sargodha: Summer Clubs at the Sargodha Girls Branch proved to be a success.
Sharing is Caring
POSTED: June 16, 2014              BY: Rabia Minhas | Staff Correspondent TBT| BMTL Girls
Rabia Minhas | Staff Correspondent TBT| BMTL Girls June 16, 2014 Lahore: BMTL students celebrated their end-of-year party on May 30. To share the joy with others and as a token of gratitude, they ...
POSTED: June 03, 2014              BY: Maryam Faiz Tiwana | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS Liberty
Lahore: Class IX-M hosted a grand farewell for Class X-M on May 23. The outgoing class appreciated their hosts for organising a brilliant stage performance for them.
Unity, Faith and Discipline
POSTED: June 02, 2014              BY: Nadir Aziz | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS Gujrat
Gujrat: Class VII-Yellow presented a symbolic role-play on the theme of unity, faith and discipline in a special morning assembly on May 8.
POSTED: May 22, 2014              BY: Suchitra Srinivasan | Staff Correspondent TBT | BSS Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Muscat: Shapes was the theme for the month of May which was kick started by the children of the primary section.
A Visit to Rana Resort Safari Park
POSTED: May 02, 2014              BY: Asma Usman | Staff Correspondent TBT | Beaconhouse Okara
Okara: BSS Okara arranged a study excursion for the students of Classes I and VII on April 24 to Rana Resort Safari Park.
Arty Stuff
POSTED: April 30, 2014              BY: Zubia Akbar| Staff Correspondent TBT| Margalla Campus Boys Branch.
Islamabad: Our painting maestros did us proud once again.
POSTED: April 25, 2014              BY: Zareen Rakhshan | Staff Correspondent TBT| Gulshan Primary Campus
Karachi: The talented students of Beaconhouse School System Gulshan Primary Campus participated in the Kidz Expo 2014 held at The Expo Centre in Karachi on the 18th of April 2014.
Thematic School Initiative
POSTED: April 24, 2014              BY: Hina Aftab | Staff Correspondent TBT | Gulshan Primary Campus
Karachi: In August 2013 a new branch of Beaconhouse emerged, named as Gulshan Primary Campus, headed by Mrs Fatima Shakaiba Zakir.